Traffic Infractions


For most citizens, your only interaction with the police may be during a traffic stop. Throughout Wisconsin law enforcement issues hundreds of thousands of citations for traffic violations yearly. These traffic citations are punishable by fines, loss of license, and driver’s license “demerit points”. In addition, for most traffic violations, a conviction means an increase in insurance premiums.

Wisconsin Driver’s License Points System:

If you are convicted of a traffic violation, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) may assign driver’s license “demerit” points against your driver’s license. Demerit points range from 0- points for minor infractions such as a faulty registration plate light or no driver’s license on person to 6-point violations for serious violations such as reckless driving.

If a driver accumulates 12-demerit points within a 12-month period, the DOT will suspend their driver’s license. Length of the suspension depends on the quantity of demerit points accumulated.

  • 12-16 points: 2-month suspension
  • 17-22 points: 4-month suspension
  • 23-30 points: 6-month suspension
  • Over 30 points: 1-year suspension

If the driver has a probationary driver’s license or an instruction permit, suspension lengths increase.

  • 12-30 points: 6-month suspension
  • Over 30 points: 1-year suspension

Reducing Driver’s License Points:

If a driver exceeds, or is in danger of exceeding, the 12-demerit point limit within a 12-month period, the driver may take a DOT certified traffic safety course. At the course, the driver reviews the rules of the road and defensive driving strategies. Successful completion of the course will reduce your demerit point total by 3-points. A driver may only take a traffic safety course once every 3-years.

Contesting Traffic Citations:

The defense attorneys at Dineen Defense Firm have extensive experience beating or dramatically reducing traffic violations for our clients. In some cases, contesting a speeding ticket is necessary to prevent demerit points and costly increases to auto insurance premiums. Contact the firm today for a free initial consultation.