Door County Drunk Driving Defense

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Facing Drunk Driving Charges in Door or Kewaunee County?


Defending your DUI begins immediately. You do not have time to wait! As soon as you receive the citations you are on the clock to hire an attorney. If you do nothing you will automatically lose your license! The Wisconsin DMV has the power to take your license away even before you have your day in court. Acting quickly is the only way to ensure that your driver’s license and rights are protected.

Wisconsin DUI penalties are harsh. Door and Kewaunee County are no exception! You may lose your license and face large fines. Depending on what offense you are charged with you may also look at potentially going to jail or prison. Attorney Nathan Dineen has represented 100’s of clients facing drunk driving charges throughout eastern Wisconsin.

Questions To Ask Any Attorney Regarding a Drunk Driving Charge:


1.       What penalties am I facing?

2.       Am I going to jail?

3.       What will happen to my driver’s license?

4.       Do I need to hire an attorney?

5.       What is the court process and how long will it take?

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Why Hire A Professional Drunk Driving Lawyer in Wisconsin

Residents of Northeast Wisconsin who are facing a driving under the influence charge are looking at massive consequences. Those who fail to get proper representation will have a limited chance of winning their case. It is imperative that you or your loved one get a criminal defense attorney who is an expert on your case. You need an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable not only in criminal defense, but also in the jurisdiction of your case. By knowing your rights and by being informed about court rules, you will have a better chance of avoiding or reducing the length of your license suspension and jail time, and minimizing the amount of fines and forfeitures.

Hire A OWI Lawyer For Your Defense

Retain a DUI attorney from Dineen Defense Firm who can adequately assess your situation and help to look for potential resolution. There are multitudes of ways your attorney can fight for you by disproving the case against you. It will be important that the person representing you can discredit the prosecution’s case against you in some fashion.

The sentencing for a conviction of DUI depends on many factors. If it is your first offense and you choose to plead guilty, you most likely will not be sentenced to jail, although this is not certain. If you are facing charges for your 2nd or 3rd DUI, you can anticipate a jail sentence if you are convicted. Facing this battle without an experienced criminal defense attorney will result in harsher consequences.

Fighting for the Best Results on Your Case

When your innocence is difficult to prove, an excellent attorney will fight and negotiate to get you a favorable plea bargain for the best possible outcome. In some cases, your attorney may even find a reason to have your case dismissed outright.

When you retain a DUI lawyer from Dineen Defense Firm, you obtain the bonus of excellent service. A lot of trust is awarded to the person you hire, and you want to ensure that they do everything they can for you. When you hire Dineen Defense Firm to represent you in your drunk driving charge, you hire a lawyer who has the experience and the proven track record for success. You can at least know that you’ve done everything you possibly can to remedy the situation you’ve found yourself in.

You never know when you will be pulled over by the police for drunk driving. If you find yourself in this position, your best foot forward is to retain an excellent defense lawyer on your side. You not only need someone to represent you in court but also to enlighten you on your rights as the accused. Finding a lawyer is in itself, not a hard job because they are advertised all over the internet. The most powerful referral point and the avenue for getting an established professional is by getting recommendations from family and friends.

Taking Your Case to Trial

It is one thing to find a drunk driving defense lawyer but another to seek one that will lead you to victory. Taking your case to court is your chance to prove to the judge that you were indeed not under the influence. This is a process that you engage in hoping to redeem yourself and if the worst happens, serve the least possible sentence. For this reason, you need to find a lawyer that will deliver the verdict in your favor.

You want to deal with a criminal defense lawyer and most preferably someone who focuses 100% on DUI cases. The advantage of going for such an individual is that all their attention has always been focused on one thing so they have the tactics they’ve learned over the years in their favor to win a case. The experience of Dineen Defense Firm lawyers will help in assessing how much they know and for how long they have been in practice. The longer the time spent representing those in similar cases, the better they are in handling your case. They know the loopholes of the system which they may exploit in your favor. It is also good to consider what caliber of schooling and training they have.

Experts at OWI Defense in Door County

Checking your potential attorney’s track record is essential to find out if the lawyer you want to hire has a history of wins, because then you will be able to calculate the chances of success in your case. It is crucial that you retain a highly trained and competent OWI attorney who can help you navigate through the courts and limit the impact your DUI charge has on your life. If you live in Northeast Wisconsin, contact Dineen Defense Firm today to get professional assistance for any driving under the influence cases.