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In Door and Kewaunee county, prosecutors take drug charges very seriously.  If you have been charged with drug possession you may be looking at serious jail time or even going to prison. Attorney Nathan Dineen has litigated 100’s of drug cases throughout Eastern Wisconsin. Hiring an experienced attorney is extremely important to protecting your rights. You potentially face jail time, fines, and probation.

If you have been charged with drug possession, either for your personal use or for intent to sell, you will face severe consequences if proven guilty. Such convictions come with severe punishments including hefty fines and years of prison term. Besides, the stigma that is associated with such crimes will affect your life even when you are out of prison. That is why it is important for you to find a competent criminal defense attorney when you are facing drug charges.

Creating a Unique Defense for Each Case

The criminal defense lawyer will determine the defenses that will apply to your case if you choose to plead not guilty. The federal government has some of the harshest guidelines for drug sentencing. However, every state approaches the problem according to the specific drug laws of the country. Defense to these crimes is often the same no matter where the offense has taken place.

When defending drug possession charges, lawyers either challenge the testimonies, stated facts, and evidence, or they challenge procedural errors such as search and seizure violation and so on. Depending on the case, the defendant may also defend the charges based on affirmative defense. In some states, medical marijuana may be allowed for use. This could be used for affirmative defense. Some of the common cases are discussed below:

Illegal Search and Seizure in Wisconsin

The U.S. Constitution states the lawful way of conducting search and seizure before an arrest. Not abiding by that is unlawful. Taking advantage of that, the defense lawyers use illegal search and seizure when fighting the charges. This is one of the most common defenses for drug crimes. For example, when drugs are found in plain sight, for example, the dashboard of a car, it may be used as evidence. However, if the officer seized the drug forcefully breaking the lock of the car’s trunk, it would not be considered as evidence.

The Drugs do not Belong to the Accused Individual

The most common defense to any crime would be to deny doing it. Your lawyer will try to prove that you have not committed the crime that you are being accused of. You would need to claim that the drugs are not yours or you had no idea that the drugs were there in your apartment.

If you have been charged with drug crimes, you would need to hire criminal attorneys for defending the charges. Nevada has strict drug laws, and you must find a competent attorney who can help you stay out of jail.

In the past years, drug-related crimes are at the top of the list for government officials. All states have their laws regarding the implementation and policies governing such criminal activity. Federal law prohibits the manufacture, sale, and possession of illegal drugs. When we say illicit medications, they incorporate delight, Maryjane, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine. Drug abuse including alcohol abuse is one of the significant causes of gang wars, vehicular accidents and even serious crimes such as murder and violence.

The First Step Should be to Hire a Local Attorney

If an individual is already accused of a drug crime or drug charges, then he should be backed up by a criminal defense attorney who is often trusted in their local area. There are also instances in some states where the law punishes not only those who possess or manufacture illegal drugs. Even those who are only considered as an accomplish to the crime. If we become an accessory to a particular crime, we are still made liable under the rules of law.

It is essential for us to be aware of the group of people we deal with or even the friends we hang out, who knows they might be into the possession or distribution of illegal drugs. We should move away from those people whom we suspect to be involved in illegal drug activities to avoid drug charges against us. There are instances wherein some police officers tend to violate the rights of some people. If that happens, any evidence that may convict a person of the drug charges can be suppressed. The judge may also order that such evidence collected is not valid.

Harsh Punishments for Different Charges

The distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs if often sentenced from a minimum of three years up to life imprisonment. It also depends on some factors such as the number of drugs involved, the place or location, and the criminal record or history of the person concerned. The same rule applies to those who manufacture illegal drugs. Possession of illegal drugs, on the other hand, depends on some factors such as the quantity, knowingly and intentionally possessing the illicit drugs and more. Even when a person is also caught in possession of drug paraphernalia, they can still be convicted of drug charges.

The criminal defense attorney that we should hire in those instances is those who have long years of experience in criminal charges. If we choose those who have experience in defending drug charges, then we can be confident that they knew how to protect us in the court trial. To support a drug case is not easy, that is why we needed the assistance of a defense attorney just like a WI criminal defense attorney.

How the Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Help You

Defense lawyers will look for flaws in the investigation and suggest specific defense strategies or facilitate complete dismissal of the charges. Sometimes, an agreement with the attorney general may be best for you but should not be an option automatically.

The lawyer must know how the world of drug or drug-related investigations works. He must know how prosecutors and prosecutors think. You must know the first level of federal and state constitutional law to determine whether your rights have been violated. Must know how to crush the credibility of informants. A good criminal lawyer will not begin his defensive strategy by thinking about a way to negotiate the constitutional rights of his client. You will use your knowledge, experience, and design to develop a defense strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Defense Against Illegal Searches and Seizures

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution protects all US citizens from unlawful searches and seizures by law enforcement officials. Your criminal defense attorney will evaluate police investigations to determine if the police have illegally searched you or your home.

Evaluation of Evidence

A good criminal defense lawyer will assess the prosecution evidence to determine the strength of the prosecution case. Once your case is brought to trial, the criminal defense attorney will use the situation to your advantage.

Defamation of Witnesses

A good criminal defense attorney will be familiar with the local drug scene and will look for ways to discredit prosecution witnesses. If witnesses have a criminal record and are on government payrolls, competent criminal defense lawyers can reduce witnesses and close weak charges.

Get Experienced Door County Attorneys for Your Case

Attorney Nathan Dineen has years of experience defending against drug crimes in Wisconsin. If you are caught in connection with a drug-related offense, or if you think you are currently under investigation for a drug crime in Wisconsin, the most important decision you must make is what a lawyer should employ. The Dineen Defense Firm prides itself on providing qualified and experienced representatives to fight for the best possible outcome in your drug case.