Crisis Management / Pre-Charging Representation

Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. If you have been arrested and/or believe charges are pending, you need to act quickly.  Dineen Defense Firm is uniquely prepared to be there immediately.  We are focused on investigating the facts, limiting the damage, and guiding you to through the process with your best foot forward.


Preparing your defense begins immediately. Typically, charges take time to file and mean your court appearance can occur weeks or months after your arrest. The time in between the date of an arrest and actually appearing in court is crucial to mounting a strong defense to your case. Waiting until charges are filed is a dangerous. Charges do not just go away. Investigations do not just stop. If you think you need an attorney call one! Contacting Dineen Defense Firm immediately is the smart, proactive decision to make.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney during the early stages of this process can have a significant impact on what you are actually charged with and the outcome of your case. Successful outcomes do not only occur within the courtroom and criminal process. Investigating your case immediately shows prosecutors that you are ready to protect your rights and fight back. Some of the best results our law firm have produced occurred prior to charges being filed.

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